Dreamforce Success Guide

With a projected 70,000+ attendees, Dreamforce 12 is going to provide something for everyone. Whether you are new to Dreamforce this year or a 5 year veteran, attending a conference this large can be challenging at times. I’ve outlined my advice for getting the most out of Dreamforce:

  • Networking Events, Parties, Happy Hours
  • Travel Light
  • Mobile Apps
  • Power Up

More after the break.

Networking Events, Parties, Happy Hours
One of the great things about Dreamforce is the opportunity to meet with SFDC peers across the industry. You never know when you might cross paths with a old friend or colleague. There are numerous events going on throughout the week, so definitely keep your options open. This year the Red Hot Chili Peppers are playing the Gala event. If last’s years Metallica show is any indication, the concert will be packed, so plan to get there early and stay late.

If you have not already, join the !!After-Hours!! (search for !!After after you log in)group on the Dreamforce Chatter app.

Of course, I am keeping an active list of parties on this site.

And be sure to take plenty of business cards!

Travel light
Your days are going to start early, your happy hours and after parties are going to run late. Be prepared to carry your bag with you everywhere, so travel light. DF12 is no time to lug around your 17inch laptop. This is what will be in my bag throughout Dreamforce:

  • Ipad
  • Notepad
  • Pens
  • Business cards
  • Mints/Gum
  • Water bottle
  • Phone/Ipad chargers

That’s it. That leaves me plenty of room for miscellaneous items I pick up throughout the conference and not be a burden to lug around throughout the day/night.

Mobile Apps
Without a doubt, Evernote is my favorite app to use at Dreamforce. I’ll have my speaker notes, notes that I take during sessions that I attend and an active To Do list that I will update using Evernote. The great thing is that I can access my notes or pictures from any of my devices(phone, iPad, laptop).

Eventbrite is being used to manage the attendee list for a lot of the after parties. This is a good app to have in case you are searching for a particular event.

Chatter (of course) should be on your mobile device of choice. The sessions will be “social” and will be taking questions from the Chatter feed throughout the session.

There are many different Twitter clients to choose from. Pick one, become familiar with it and be sure to follow the #DF12 hashtag throughout the conference. You can follow me @jonvallejo.

Even if you know your way around San Francisco pretty well, make sure you know how to use your mobile’s map application with location services enabled. Trust me, it will be useful.

Power up!
Find and outlet and power your mobile devices! With location services, email, and the overtaxed wifi you’ll be running low on power by noon. Sit near an outlet during a session or if you have some downtime, find a spot to relax and power up.

That’s all I have, stay tuned for a guest post from a multi-year Dreamforce veteran!


One comment

  1. Alicia says:

    Another tip:
    It’s really tough to find a place to open up your laptop, have a quick meeting, charge your phone or even get coffee without standing in line for an hour.
    We’ll have a huge event going on across the street at 678 Folsom Street with free wifi, desks, couches, coffee and food for all attendees.
    Stop on by to relax or work!