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How to Increase Salesforce Adoption

What would you do differently if you were deploying SFDC today?

Reviewing the lesson’s learned from a successful (or not) project always yields some insights that can be used for future projects. I was not around during my company’s initial deployment of, but I have lived with the repercussions of the decisions made by that team. This post outlines my thoughts on what I would do differently, from an end user adoption enablement perspective, if I was part of another large scale(20-30k seat), global deployment of

The size and location of your internal SFDC user base definitely factors into any enablement planning, but these three focus areas are applicable to any size org.

  1. Personify your end users
  2. Use multiple communications streams
  3. Functional vs. Strategic training

After the break I will cover these three focus areas in detail.
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